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32 years of successful Murder Mystery!
Our 32nd Anniversary in 2020

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'Writer gets away with murder for 30 years!'

'I Murdered My Boss'
Damning evidence convicts hotel staff - jury decides. 
Smiling Sheila Lowit, 31, Conference & Banqueting Co-ordinator, admitted that she was delighted at feeling the stiff body of hotel General Manager, Dick Tator, as he lay motionless
 on the cold, kitchen floor. 
'Planned crime is successful!' she cried, as she was lead away.

There were several thirsty guests surveying the scene, it was blood they were after. Carrying her detective's notebook and pen, Sheila explained that the most common request she has from clients is 'Can I murder my boss?'

The hotel Bar Manager, Oliver Pint, explained 'It is just an everyday occurrence at a murder mystery from Mystery Events.'

  'Shall we dump the body in this lake?' Just another ending to a murder mystery with Mystery Events!

'Bloody Clever Murder Mystery, Richard'

'Promotion is the best way to deal with 'awkward staff'.
Those who are giving you headaches are best dealt with using unusual solutions.  So, not only your staff, but also difficult  customers can have their outlook changed completely by murdering them.

So claims private detective, Richard Clever, 45, who has expertly solved many mysteries where clients wanted to get their message across. 'A bloody nose often gets your point home'. He explained taking out his handkerchief.


Computer Chaos Rampages

Since the year 2000 and danger of computer catastrophe, many companies are signing up to Revenge for the Killer Virus.

Co-ordinator for this crucial solution, Megga  Bights, explained: 'Good managers are waking up to the future to solve their problems instead of living in the past.' 
It is now clear that events in the twenties and thirties are old hat and modern up-to-date, or even futuristic mysteries, are the ones to go for.
'Just follow me' yelled Isla Reboot, 'and I shall give you the download to see your way through'. She then gave the Browsers a click and they fell through a window. It's not what you would expect, but it is in the murder mystery from Mystery Events. 
Call 01790 756 940

Quest of the Roman Chalice
Developments are proceeding with this mystery which is expected to be enjoyed by groups and individuals with a desire to solve a historical challenge. Using local roman and medieval settings, you can search amongst the historical Medieval Tudor and Victorian cobbled streets.  Ask and ye shall find out. Can you meet the challenge of the Chalice!

Criminal 'Accommodated' by Secretary.
The secretary of the now nationwide and notorious, Cheerful Obviously Nice Society, revealed everything today. 
In this scandal of naked opportunism, Miss Terry  Clew showed how she kept her guilt hidden until the bitter end. 'Yes its true' barked Terry, 41, secretary of the C.O.N.S. 'I have always kept facts to myself and protected the identity of the criminal until forced to talk.'

'After all other theories have been presented, I am bound to identify the real murderer. As I do several times a week in the mystery known as 'A Fishy Tale'.

32 Years for Mystery Writer
After 32 years of thought-wrenching torment, the identity of our mystery writer can be revealed. The 'Clew' which leads to the unmasking of his pseudonym was his constant presence at many murders over the last 32 years. Knowing that his crime spree began in June 1988, helps us to reveal to you, our readers, the identity of this devious but  warped genius.

He is Mr. E Mann, a tall, dark, handsome soul with an endearing accent. Celebrating in 2020 his 32nd anniversary of creating and providing murder mysteries, and Team Building Activities.

Mr. E, assisted by his co-conspirator, Alex, (picture right) has traded under nationally famous names as Manchester Theme Tours, Suspicious Circumstances, Murder Mystery Nights, Murder Mystery Weekends, Treasure Hunts UK and Team Building Activities UK .

If you would like to congratulate Mr. E Mann on his 32nd anniversary then contact him on 01790 756 940 or E-mail info@mysteryevents.co.uk 

  'A really hansome and clever chap this writer. See if you can meet his challenge!'

Space Cadets Release Alien Hostage
Working in teams from various planets, the space cadets solved the puzzles and clues allowing them to collect the correct keys. These were vital to release the President Of The Universe and stop the manufacture of  false energy cells. 'It was out of this world.' shouted Romeo Alpha after the fun of successfully completing the 'Release of the HOSTAGE', yet another great challenge from Mystery Events.

'I am no scrubber', claims cleaner.

The mother of middle aged housewife Eileen Down, called to the public not to label her 'a sex maniac' after her husband, Neil, caught her having an affair with their marriage guidance councillor, Matt Jamaica. 
The saucy affair began when the Down family including son Luke and Aunty Ida, participated in a murder mystery evening. 'She was only playing her part' claimed Ida 'Duck' Down, 69, a retired mattress stuffer. 'You don't just 'watch a play', you are part of the mystery which it is more enjoyable and better value for money'.

The affair ended when the private detective, Richard Clever, reported having seen the couple buying a brush, mop & bucket and a packet of flash at Gordon's Store. 
'It has brought us closer together and improved our position', explained Neil Down, 'being on the Murder Mystery Night showed us how to have a good time. Participating is more enjoyable than just watching a play and better value for money.'

For a clean break, call Arthur Limb on 01790 756 940


Calculator runs out
With over 80,000 people attempting to solve our mysteries, we have now lost count. "New batteries may be required" suggested Willy Fixit, looking for the answer.

Scarlet Kipper Appeals
Having been found guilty of murder on more than one occasion, Miss Scarlet Kipper, star of  'A Fishy Tale' has decided to appeal.

She is appealing, very appealing, to all woman out there who have suffered as Scarlet has. She believes you can help her with sympathy, empathy and rebuilding her reputation as 'The Scarlet Woman', despite continuing as a Chief Inspector.

Join the club. So, Scarlet is starting a club. Any woman who has played Scarlet Kipper in our murder mystery events can be a Privileged Member. Also any fan of  Scarlet can be a Friendly Member. 'Please help me' she appeals, 'I have to know who my friends are in my hour of need.'

To join the Scarlet Kipper Club contact Scarlet herself 
on 01790 756 940


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